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Pattu Pavadai Online

Having reached greater heights with quality of our Pattu Pavadai, Bujuma.com still upholds its traditional values and customers trust. Growing and changing with new era, our silk sarees still stand apart, making beautiful women of your homes look no lesser than Goddesses Lakshmi herself. Every celebration anticipates you in most beautiful attire, hues, designs or patterns and Pothys, with its humble Silk creations builds the bridge of traditional and modern six yards.If you are looking to buy readymade pattu pavadai online,here is the website for your needs.


Pattu Pavadai

www.bujuma.com India's huge collections of online pattu pavadai store.Pattu Pavadai or Langa davani is a traditional and ethnic dress in south India and Rajasthan, usually worn by teenage and small girls. The pavada is a cone-shaped skirt, usually of silk, that hangs down from the waist to the toes. It normally has a golden zari border at the bottom.Girls in south India often wear pattu pavadai or Langa davani during traditional functions. Girls in Rajasthan wear this dress before marriage (and after marriage with sight modification in certain section of society.

Langa - Voni/Dhavani

This is a type of South Indian dress mainly worn in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu, as well as in some parts of Kerala. This dress is a three-piece garment where the langa or lehanga is the cone shaped long flowing skirt.

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